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Yes, I do know it’s not spring. It’s close enough though. To celebrate the New Year I have decided to do some early spring cleaning. I have been cataloging thousands of photographs to launch a new feature on This Mighty Scourge. Over the next couple of days I will release my first “Soldier Profile.” The profiles will be published on the anniversary of the soldier’s birthday and will include varying amounts of detail on their military career and life. They will not be general biographies. The profiles will cover privates, non-commissioned officers, commissioned officers and general officers. There will be stories of Medal of Honor awardees and the occasional politician or inventor. My goal with this regular feature is to return to one of the things I enjoy most: telling the stories of Civil War soldiers. I look forward to launching this feature and hearing your feedback.


About Michael Noirot

I grew up in the Central Illinois farming community, of Dunlap. Growing up, I played sports, tinkered with cars and enjoyed photography. While I did well in school, I did not become passionate about history until my early 30's. I have built a large library, of books on early America, politics and the Civil War. I am an avid reader. Fortunately, I have had plenty of opportunities to travel, over the years, and have been to most of the Civil War battlefields. I work while I travel, so more often than not, I am up, in the middle of the night, to get sunrise pictures, or I will be out until well after dark, exploring Civil War battlefields. I have other hobbies, and passions, that I really enjoy. Number one on the list would be guitar. I play my guitars on a regular basis, and enjoy the Bluegrass, and Contemporary Christian (CCM) genres. I play a style of guitar, called FLATPICKING, where using a flat pick, you play lead solos, similar to the way a fiddle would have been played during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Laura, my wife, and I also enjoy scuba diving, travel and spending time at our property, in the country. Lastly, we spend as much time with our families, as possible. Thanks for stopping by.
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6 Responses to Spring Cleaning at This Mighty Scourge

  1. Betty Callis says:

    This sounds wonderful…I cannot wait to read them! Thanks for sharing all your interesting information with us.

  2. Marilyn Jess says:

    Wonderful ideas, Mike. Your blog is one of my must reads!

  3. Nick Norwood says:

    Looking forward to this! I really enjoy the “personal” stories of the men/women behind the war!

  4. Nick,
    Thank you for your comment and reading ThisMightyScourge.com! Happy New Year!


  5. Thank you Marilyn and Betty. I hope to have my first “soldier” story up today or tomorrow. Happy New Year!

  6. DPH Eaton says:

    I look forward to the profiles.

    Here is what happened 150 years ago:

    January 11, 1865 – Midway Church, Georgia

    Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War, a portly man with a billygoat’s beard, has come to Midway Church, Georgia, Judson Kilpatrick’s headquarters, to honor the brash young cavalry officer with a field promotion to Brevet Rank Major General for bravery in previous battles.
    The drummers drum, the fifers blow and horses and riders by the hundreds, Kilpatrick at the lead, sporting a new uniform with a dark blue coat of rakish cut; sky-blue trousers and golden gauntlets, all lined with gilded lace, prance by the reviewing platform.

    Kilpatrick and his aides break from the group and turn to face Stanton who is speaking in lofty terms about the God-like warrior now facing him. It is a magnificent show, but as little Molly tries to poke through the witnessing ranks, Sergeant Dennehy rudely grabs her and turns her away. “No lookie-lookie today, Girl. No lookie-lookie!” He shoves her so hard, she falls to her knees in the dirt. Ignorant of this, Judson Kilpatrick, astride his best horse, Spot, basks in his own glory as Stanton drones on.

    January 12, 1865 – General Johnston’s House – Columbia, South Carolina

    Outside his house, Johnston says good-bye to Lydia and her relatives as they board a carriage, while Ellie, Jacob and two other slaves load a follow wagon with what few possessions they can take with them.

    Johnston tells Lydia that she should be safe at their house in Lincolnton, a hill country town in North Carolina, well out of Sherman’s probable line of march and that he will join her there shortly, since there is still nothing he can do to help defend the city. Even the local defense forces, to which he offered his services, would have nothing to do with him. “I hate them all, Lydia…Sherman, Davis, Hood, Bragg! I will be happy to see them all in Hell!”

    As the coach and wagon are set to move out and join the line of others already fleeing the city, Jacob climbs up to find a place sitting on a steamer trunk. He calls to Ellie, but she refuses to join him. “You run if you want to, but I’m stayin’ here.” Jacob tells her that the Blue Coats are ‘Devils’ and that some even have little horns sticking out of their heads, but Ellie stands firm.

    Seeing this, Joe Johnston goes over to Ellie and tells her to climb up with her husband. She tells him she cannot and will not. Johnston is shocked at being talked to like this by a Negro, let alone his own servant. He orders her to climb up or he will have her whipped. Ellie knows that Johnston is a kind man and that his words are all bluster borne out of frustration, but she remains resolute. “And just who is going to do that whippin’, General? Look around you. They’re all leavin’. But I’m stayin’!”

    Resigned to the world finally being turned upside-down, Johnston looks at Lydia and then gives a nod to her driver. The General watches as the two vehicles join the stream of others moving to ‘safety’…Moving away from Sherman!

    For her part, Ellie can see the tears in her husband’s eyes as the wagon lumbers away. She has made her choice and he has made his. No one can tell how it will end.

    (To be continued, if you like…)

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