Veterans: Make Sure That Your Story Is Known

Over the weekend, contributor, Kimberly Largent-Christopher let me know about a wonderful opportunity for our veterans.  Here is her announcement.

To all U.S. Army veterans: the U.S. Army War College’s Military History Institute (now called Army Heritage Education Center), is currently collecting “stories” from veterans who served during the following: WWII, The Korean War, The Cold War Era, The Vietnam War, and The Post-Cold War Era. That means all veterans, from privates to generals, who served during those times have the opportunity to tell their stories, in order to help historians, researchers, and the next generation learn from our history. The questionnaires are available online at If you have trouble completing the form, there is a number to call. The form can be filled out online and submitted, or printed out, answers handwritten and the form mailed back. Finally, this is a wonderful opportunity for army veterans to have their stories archived for their descendents to access./VEC/historical.cfm

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